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After years of planning and a few setbacks, the keys were finally handed over on January 10th.

Company Director, Andy Butcher, delighted with the opening of new sports club Oakfields

February 2017

Oakfields is a £7.3m investment and consists of a 1,733 square-meter building and 16 football and rugby pitches. It was felt the old site was looking tired and could not cater for all of its teams any longer.

The extra 15 more fields than the previous site will create many opportunities for all of the teams, enhancing their ambitions for the future.

The aim of the project was to bring the community closer together, encouraging both rugby and football to be on the same site and a place that everyone will be able to use. The 256-seater stadium can bring together committee members, locals, supporters, parents and players for a variety of functions outside of sport, as the club can also host a range of events and parties.

Andy Butcher, Club Director, has said: “There was a real need for a new stadium, as the previous site offered no facilities and it was becoming increasingly difficult to run on a self-funding basis. The new sports centre is a great investment and a success with all. It looks superb. It really is a place for all of the community.”