Public Liability Insurance

We always advise that a business takes out public liability insurance, as it offers protection in the event a customer, client, contractor or member of the public is awarded damages as a result of suffering injury, death, loss or damage to them or their property, because of your business.

Regardless of how careful you are, accidents happen and given that we live in such litigious times, it is essential you have adequate insurance in place to alleviate such risks and to fully protect your business.

Your policy will cover your legal liability for damages to any person, accidental loss or damage to property, and the cost of legal representation at a coroner’s inquest or court proceedings arising from alleged breach of duty resulting in injury.

With many years’ experience advising businesses, ranging from sole traders and consultants up to multi-nationals, we can advise you on the level of cover you need to have in place to fully protect your business.

We also recommend taking out product liability, as this covers the legal liability of your business against injury or damage resulting from the design or manufacture of goods made, repaired, sold or supplied by you in the course of your business.

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