BDElite Home Legal Expenses

BDElite Legal Expenses Insurance – Household and Family Plus

Insurance covering up to £50,000 of legal expenses for just £15.

Legal disputes can be stressful and resolving them can have a financial burden. Our policy provides up to £50,000 of legal expenses, giving you the financial support and expert legal advice needed to defend your rights.

With this insurance, you and family members who permanently live with you will receive professional legal assistance and advice, be covered for the costs and expenses of legal representation and be guaranteed full payment of any compensation rewarded.

What legal expenses cover do you get for just £15?

  • Employment Disputes – if you or any member of the family has been unfairly dismissed or made redundant and you wish to make a claim for reinstatement or compensation at an Employment Tribunal.
  • Contract Disputes – if any family member is in a dispute over a contract or an alleged contract, any legal expenses will be covered to protect your rights.
  • Property Disputes – any issues you or family member have regarding your property that were not your fault.
  • Legal Defence – defend yourself or the family in legal or criminal disputes. • Tax Investigations – when assistance is required in responding to HMRC.
  • Professional Negligence Disputes – when you have been told incorrect or negligent advice and you suffer financial loss as a result.
  • Clinical and Medical Negligence – negligence that causes worsening suffering.
  • Personal Injury – injury that was not your fault and is affecting your daily life.
  • Identity Theft – specialist guidance and support to pursue legal action to reinstate identity and defend a claim.
  • Lost Key Recovery Service